Policy Research

Help related ministries (NDRC, MIIT, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Public Security, SAT etc. to research important policies in automotive industry, participate in several policies research and development plan of automotive industry directly.

Research fields of automotive industry policies:

  • 1. Strategy of Industry Development and Policies
  • 2. Financial and Tax policies
  • 3. Technology Strategy and Policies
  • 4. Auto Recycling Strategy
  • 5. New Energy Vehicle
  • 6. Import/Export and International Market
  • 7. WTO and Free Trade Area
  • 8. Automotive and influence to society (energy, environment, traffic…)
  • 9. Car Circulation
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Information & Consultation

  • ·Market forecast and Competitiveness Research
  • ·Research on Industry Development
  • ·Products Selection Research
  • ·Company Development Plan, Strategy and Standardization
  • ·Feasibility Study of Investment
  • ·Industry Area Development Plan
  • ·Regional Research and Development Strategy
  • ·Policy & Information Consultation
  • ·Research on Car Components Industry
  • ·Research on NEV Industry
  • ·Car Technology Research
  • ·Digital Library of China Automotive Industry
  • ·Car Technology Research
  • ·China Automotive Information Net (CAIN)
  • ·China Motorcycle Information Net (CMIN)
  • ·Customized Industry Consulting and Information Service
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Software & Data

Information & Data Integration System for Automotive Companies

The system uses the intelligence technology structure, integrates the information and data resource of automotive industry. At the same time, it can integrate the key resources inside the company, promote the work efficiency of analysis person, help top management to make decision...

C-NCAP Database

Information service of C-NCAP: C-NCAP Models, C-NCAP Sales Data, CRS evaluation data

Information service of data researching and Global-NCAP: C-NCAP test data & CRS test data, Global-NCAP information and evaluation data.

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Competitive Analysis

ATIRI is always working on enterprises competitor evaluation and research, famous for it’s enterprise competitor evaluation index system and index system based on enterprises business operation process.

Follow up the companies information and competitiveness information, publish CATARC Monthly Report of China Automotive Companies Competitiveness Evaluation. Undertake the competitiveness analysis works of companies, provide information and technical information database to automotive industry.

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·Satisfaction Survey ·Research based on Satisfaction Survey
·New Car Buyers Study(NCBS) ·Product’s definition research
·New model survey before launching ·Survey after new model launched
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Car Culture & Competition

China Car Performance Challenge

China Car Performance Challenge (CCPC) was started from 2015, launched by CATARC and Automobile and Motorcycle ...

China ATV Championship (CATV)

China ATV Championship (CATV) is a national A class championship co-organized by CATARC, China ATV Alliance and local government...

China Intelligent Vehicle Championship (CIVC)

China Intelligent Vehicle Championship (CIVC) is co-organized by CATARC and Productivity promotion center of China...

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Forum & Events

As the national vehicle information administration section of China, ATIRI always organizes different kinds of Forums to build platform for ministries, government, automotive companies and society. At the same time, professionals of ATIRI always give speeches or presentations in national/international forums. The forums' fields covering automotive industry, policies, standards, technologies, car import/export, investment and so on.

  • ·International Forum(TEDA) on China Automotive Industry Development
  • ·STOP THE CRASH China & Global Auto Safety Summit
  • ·China Car Body
  • ·China Clean Energy Vehicle Summit
  • ·Seminar with different organizations...
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· China Automotive Industry Yearbook · World Auto
·Motorcycle Technology · Automotive Industry of China
· Monthly Report of China Automotive Industry(E-edition) · C-NCAP Yearbook
· Chronicle of China Automotive Engine · The Report of China Automotive Safety Development
· Weekly Report of China Automotive Industry · Automotive Information
· Bluebook of Automotive Industry: Annual Report of the Development of China Automotive Industry
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Policy Research
Information & Consultation
Software & Data
Competitive Analysis
Customer Research
Car Culture & Competition
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